The Process

It all starts with taking your dream home and putting on paper.  Whether you choose to select a plan that is already created, or to meet with our custom designer and create your dream home from scratch.  We want to take everything you’ve always wanted in your home and put it into the perfect plan.

Once we have the layout and plan of the house finalized then we focus on the insides.  We go through everything you picture being featured in your home.  You bring us pictures and we create a list of all the features we want on the inside as well as the outside and we document it.  That way we insure that the house is designed with you in mind.

After we know what we are puttin on the inside, we take the final plan and the list of things going inside and we send that out to our specialized subcontractors.  This makes sure that we get a realistic and accurate price point from the very start.  You know where your home is going to be coming in price wise before the construction begins.  Gone are the days of getting halfway through a project before being told the price. You should know the cost of what your home will be from the beginning.

Then, after getting the final plan, spec sheet and the cost finalized, we begin construction of the home.  By doing the work upfront it helps us create a more enjoyable and less stressful build experience.

Finally you then can focus on picking out all of your selections and colors to truly bring your home together.  We have people to help you with advice and suggestions every step of the way.  Then sit back and watch your dream home come together.