My house was in a bit of a mess both financially and structurally. I’m grateful for Marshall stepping in and going above and beyond to finish my house. It was so nice to have his expertise and professionalism in helping my wife and I make decisions about what we needed and wanted in our home. Marshall is honest and communicated with us on every detail on our home and we needed that because this was our first experience building a home. It was a fun process with Marshall! I highly recommend Marshall Atwood if your looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable home builder. After all we’ve been through with our home, I can still proudly call Marshall my builder and a friend.

– Tony Finau

Marshall was the supervisor when we decided to build for the first time in 2014. Having no prior experience with the building community, at times we didnt know what to ask or how to inquire about our choices. He was a lifesaver – suggesting options and different ideas, where we could go to check out suppliers, and most of all, he explained thoroughly the costs through out the entire building process. His continual follow-up to our phone calls and questions was priceless, and after completion of our home and move-in, he continued to check in with us to see we were completely happy and satisfied which we were and are still today.

 – Dave & Becky Trowbridge

Marshall was like a breath of fresh air when he came on our job. We’d been lied to and kept in the dark for so long by our other builders that when Marshall took over we were so relieved. He is so honest and up front, you never have to wonder where you stand with anything…be it money or timeline, etc. He definitely is a problem solver and anytime we had a question or issue, he’d immediately be on it! He has so many great ideas and suggestions but never pushes anything on you. All of the suggestions he made for our house are the first things people notice and love when they come into our home and are some of my favorites. Marshall was the best thing that happened on our whole build and he continues to be there whenever we have questions or problems. If I ever had to build another house again, I’d definitely go with Marshall and Solitude Homes. Five stars all the way!

– Jeanette Larson